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Weekly Bookkeeping Services:

  • Collect data from Client

  • Maintain chart of accounts

  • Implement proper accounting controls and systems

  • Post all cash receipts and payments

  • Track sales tax if applicable

  • Update and maintain customer data

  • Post all bank deposits and credit card transactions in QuickBooks

  • Maintain and update all item lists

  • Reconcile accounts and provide weekly income reports

  • Post expenses to appropriate general ledger accounts

  • Pay and track payables

  • Manage QuickBooks data file and back-ups

  • Weekly payroll processing: create & distribute paychecks and deposit payroll taxes

Monthly Bookkeeping Services:

  • Reconcile credit card accounts and provide reconciliation reports

  • Reconcile sales tax account, create tax report and pay state

  • Provide accurate Income Statement


Quarterly Bookkeeping Services:

  • Reconcile trial balance

  • Provide quarterly financial statements

  • Prepare and file payroll tax returns


Yearly Bookkeeping Services:

  • Work with CPA to provide any additional information required for tax filing

  • Close books and create annual financial binder for permanent files

  • Provide all necessary financial statements to CPA

  • Record adjusting journal entries as requested by CPA

  • Prepare and file all yearly payroll tax returns and W-2’s

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